About My Practice

Choosing a therapist is a bit like shopping, you want a fit. I have more than forty years of experience, and can offer you that comfort level to help you resolve your issues. I am a NYS licensed / registered art therapist, psychotherapist, a certified yoga therapist (through iayt.org), yoga teacher, and author of over 9 books


As an expressive art and yoga therapist, I can offer both somatic-oriented work and expressive outlets other than traditional psychotherapy approaches. While we will certainly talk about your issues, we clearly have other means of communication available for articulating and directing your wellness. We can even use free Apps to incorporate art therapy, real-time (and in between sessions), as well as mindfulness meditation and yoga therapy/breathing exercises in our sessions. I look forward to connecting with you and partnering with you in your health and wellness. (If you have any concerns regarding my ability to counsel you depending on your location, just contact me.)  We can even meet in the comfort of your home through my telehealth site. I look forward to connecting with you and hope after our brief consult, that we can forge ahead and partner in your health and wellness.  

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