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Ellen Horovitz and François Raoult will be codirecting the training as COO and CEO, respectively. Our training spans over 2 years, in accordance with iayt.org (International Association of Yoga Therapists) educational requirements. In light of the recent health crisis, (COVID 19 pandemic), yoga therapy will be direly needed.

Officially registered as a school with IAYT, we have finalized the list of faculty for the training. Open Sky will offer training in this fast-growing field of Yoga Therapy beginning in early fall 2021. Participants will master a new therapeutic skillset under the guidance of a world-class faculty, be given opportunities for internships and mentoring, and ultimately receive certification from the International Association of Yoga Therapy (iayt.org). That certification will qualify the program’s graduates for opportunities to practice in hospitals and in private and clinical settings. Email me for a downloadable application. The OSYTT flyer, Information Packet, Schedule and Application are all available in the dropdown menu for you to download.

If you want more information, email my COO email  or François

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