Doing your part during COVID-19 times

Times like these require a reassessment of life. One’s problems, no matter how vast, seem to evaporate in the face of possible death. While the Angel of Death (during the Passover times), overlooked the people who smeared a lamb’s blood on their door, our social distancing, masks, gloves and handwashing offer us similar protection. But you can also be proactive, as there are so many ways to contribute from making masks, to phone calls to the socially isolated, to writing an email, to making uplifting photos and videos for people in hospitals. Find something that fits your Zeitgeist right now. If nothing else, volunteering your skillset, and everyone has one, will give you purpose and focus and take your mind off of your underlying anxieties, which may have been fueled by this pandemic. Be well and do good work.

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