Mothballed Plans

Most of us plan accordingly. But in COVID-19 times, schematic designs seem waylaid, at best. It is unthinkable to plan for any pandemic; African locusts, viruses running amuck and now the dreaded Murder Hornet, whose very existence depends on eviscerating honeybees, ending pollination as we know it. On the outside of it, things looks pretty bad. It reminds me of a story I heard not so long ago at a funeral celebrating the life of another. At the eulogy describing his father as an eternal pessimist, the person speaking said, “He didn’t’ just look at his cup as half-empty. No, my father would say, “Where’s my cup?” While that line caused all to howl with laughter, one could adopt such pessimism now.

Or you could look at such events as a gift, possibly a staycation. Quite honestly, I am busier now than before the pandemic. (A series of events collided from the final edits to a book, attending to patients, opening a new office (timed oddly during this pandemic), announcing and accepting students into a planned yoga therapy program.) Such tailspin events converging simultaneously has kept me, well, preoccupied to say the least. Not immune to the current events (illness, unemployment and the constant barrage of bad news), has been difficult to handle. But like a lot of people around me, I have learned a lot from these times, including the joy of playing Monopoly and the desire to learn new things.

So, on some level, this staycation has grounded me, reinforced the importance of family and reminded me to be grateful for the little things (restocked toilet paper, for example). But kidding aside, I am ever thankful for my health and celebrating each day as yet another accomplishment against the unthinkable. To quote my mother, who surmounted brain injury from an accident long ago, she compared her lot to golf: “you just keep swinging.” A good maxim to live by. When life presents you with lemons, be well, do good work and be grateful.

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