OpenPath for Therapy during Coronavirus Times

Social Distancing. Stock Markets gone haywire. Essential Goods disappearing. These are some of the hallmarks we are all facing during the Coronavirus times. For many, income is now strained and therapy seems "out of reach" at a time when you might need it most. Fortunately, there is the Open Path Collective, an organization that I joined ages ago to offer everyone the ability for mental health at a reduced price. This simple but heartfelt business offers mental health access for everyone. So if you are in need, you can get therapy, wherever you are. And my patients can sign up there, too, and/or talk to me directly about reduced fees, especially in these uncertain times.

Above all, practice kindness, social distancing, (maybe call or video chat with friends), eat well, exercise, and get needed sleep to counteract the negative effects of this disease. We will all get through this together, one day at a time.

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