Quiet to live by

So during this COVID-19 time, I have been asking people, how this 'sheltering-in-place' and isolation has affected them. I have also been trying to assess its impact on me as a human being, and also a holding tank (therapist). Admittedly, these are trying times for all: our routines have been altered forcing all of us, families, too, to redefine and look at our lives and selves. Have you noticed how much quieter it is ? Have you listened to the birds returning? The outside world seems oddly peaceful. But for some, that can unleash a trove of anxiety, and for others, rapture. How is this expressing itself in you?

Perhaps today it will inform you to write, make art, walk in nature, dance, make music; all those things that we put off. It's not too late. Listen to the trees as they rustle their leaves and begin to blossom; may you do the same.

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